Clan tag#2JC8Y0V9
LocationMacedonia (FYROM)
Family ClansBulgaria

Our Story

MacedoN was founded on December 15th, 2013, with nothing more in mind than the goal to get a few friends together to play the game they all enjoyed. The clan steadily grew with each new member adding in his skill and whit. A few months after Clan Wars were released we got hooked on them. Quickly we started racking up wins with over 90% win/loss rate ratio, a 43 winning streak and over 500 victories. We then became aware of leagues. Quickly our goals grew as we were the first clan from Macedonia to play competitively. We started out playing in a FWL where we reached finals, then we played the BWL and finally all of that culminated in us joining CWL Lite, where we reached the semifinals in our opening season.

Our Player base is mostly Macedonian, a few Bulgarian players from our sister clan Bulgaria and from time to time a few international players. Undeveloped players are residing in our feeder MacedoN 2. We are also member of Circle of Clans.

The clan is a simple group of grounded individual personalities that don't consider themselves professionals or experts, although quite good when they are up to it. We tend to socialise among us IRL whenever there is an opportunity for it and formed friendships beyond the scope of the game.