The North Watch

Clan tag#LJPYG082
Family Clansn/a

Our Story

The North Watch is a fair play war clan participating in CWL for the first time in season five. The North Watch started as a Norwegian clan in 2014, and even thou we have players from all over the world, majority of players are still from Norway. We started to plan for participating in CWL back in season 3, when we got tired of doing the same farm wars over and over again, with little or none real competition. We joined forces with another Norwegian clan, Trollstien, and a lot of our players participated in CWL Apex with Trollstien in season 4, going all the way to the quarterfinal. Although we are very serious when it comes to our wars and our FP values, we always try to have fun together and there is a lot of joking in the clan, and we don’t tolerate toxicity or disrespect. After all, we play this game to have fun with our friends, not for drama.